Acrylic Paint vs. Enamel Paint Learn the Pros & Cons

In the world of painting, using the right type of paint is crucial. Personally, I feel Acrylic paint is the best way to go rather than Enamel. There are multiple advantages Acrylic paint has over Enamel paint.

Pros of Acrylic Paint:

· Environmental friendly (water based)

· Easy clean up

· Fast drying (15 min – 1 hr)

· Almost Odorless

· Does not turn yellow over time like oil based paint

· Long lasting

Cons of Enamel Paint:

· Turns yellow over time

· Lots of chemicals- bad for environment

· Cure time up to 1 week

· Smells very bad

· Very messy-hard to clean up

· Cracks over time

· Supplies can be very expensive for personal protection due to the toxins in the paint, such as- Paint respirator mask and filters

TIP: The Advance Paint by Benjamin Moore is good for any wood work project. It offers the application and performance of traditional oil paint in a waterborne formula that cleans up with soap and water. It is a 100% alkyd formula water-dispersible alkyd developed with proprietary new resins that keep VOC low even after tinting. It flows and levels like a traditional alkyd with the extended open-time required to achieve high-end finishes. ADVANCE is available in unlimited colors, giving you more ways than ever to achieve the perfect look on every job. Source of information for this paragraph info link:

“THE BASICS OF PAINT” Sweet and short video with the basics of paint information you would find useful for your paint projects.

Article Contributor: Jose Saldana

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