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The Best Faux Finisher in Houston

I have always recognized and accepted my inborn talent in the artistic world as an artisan. My parents owned an ornamental metal company in Panama, which taught me how to fully appreciate quality, excellence, and have pride in everything that I do today. I admired my father’s talent and soon gained an appreciation for his beautiful work as a metal craftsman.

I earned my Associates Degree of Liberal Arts from the Panama Canal College. In 1989 I moved to the United States and I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree from Austin Peay State University, and then furthered my education in Faux Finishing from the Definitive School of Decorative Arts, in Houston, Texas.


I then had the confidence to start my own licensed faux finishing business, Exclusive Paint Décor. Since trends and techniques are constantly evolving, I have also continued to take numerous continuing studies classes in the field.

My passion for faux finishing has given me the opportunity to work with designers, artists, builders, numerous high-end clients, and to collaborate with other talented faux finishers. This has given me the opportunity to share my skills with both local clients and work on large-scale projects overseas. While my career has taken me to many interesting places, my passion has inspired me to explain to family and friends some of my techniques to help them to beautify their own homes. In 2015, I launched my new website, “Faux Online,” making it possible and affordable for anybody to do some projects themselves through a series of videos.

These videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete a finish, with written instructions available. Those who want to learn various techniques, from glazing and Venetian plasters to the most high-end finish, can benefit from these fun, easy, enjoyable videos.

I live in Texas with my wonderful family, who continue to inspire me every day. I hope with the assistance of my instructional videos, to inspire others as well.

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